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Competition Council of the Republic of Lithuania

Data, policy advice and research on Estonia including economy, education, employment, environment, health, tax, trade, GDP, unemployment rate, inflation and PISA., Since regaining independence in the early 1990s, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have developed effective competition policies, as part of a process toward achieving functioning market economies.

Definition of undertaking in competition law- Publications

As far as the substantive antitrust rules are concerned, Estonian competition law has been shaped under the influence of the EU rules and standards. According to the early comments on the harmonization of the Estonian competition rules with those of the EU, it was noted that “there is hardly anything in EU competition law that has not found its way into the Estonian Competition Act, often even word for …

Competition Law and Policy in the Baltic Countries - OECD

Investigation into the compliance of actions of undertakings <…> with Article 5 of the Law on Competition of the Republic of Lithuania. more. Received: 12 10 2020 Published: 15 10 2020.


The partial loaf was symbolic of Estonian farmers unfair competition conditions in the European Union. "Estonian farmers are required to comply 100 percent with EU requirements, however the allowances paid for such compliance are much lower than the average," Sõrmus said.

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competition law estonia

The European legal systems do not commonly use term antitrust law; instead it defined as competitive law. Rules and regulations on competition in Estonia are provided in the Competition Act adopted in 2001. This, however, is not the only legislation regulating on the competition law as the European Union also has primary and secondary legislation on the matter.

KPMG Law Estonia - What an entrepreneur needs to know
competition law estonia

01.01.2011, enters into force on the date which has been determined in the Decision of the Council of the European Union regarding the abrogation of the derogation established in respect of the Republic of Estonia

Chapter 4 Estonia 070705 - European Commission
competition law estonia

The Competition Law in Estonia is a set of regulations which has been adopted in order to adjust market competition. This act which has been passed in 2001, and consolidated in 2012, has to be respected by all companies established or functioning in Estonia.

Competition Law in Estonia

Estonian Supreme Court has found in unfair competition cases that management board members can be considered undertakings for the purpose of Estonian Competition Act. Therefore, a non-compete obligation agreed with a management board member can theoretically constitute an anti-competitive agreement between undertakings if the non-compete obligation is unnecessary or …

Antitrust law in Estonia - Baltic law firm
competition law estonia

The Estonian Competition Act prohibits agreements between entrepreneurs (undertakings) which harm competition. The most serious violations are considered to be cartel agreements: that is when competitors fix purchase and sale prices, limit production or service or share goods markets (in other words, competitors agree not to compete with one another).

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Estonia: New Case Law Involving Competition Restrictions

The Competition Act is the main piece of legislation currently governing the competition policy area in Estonia. This law was adopted on June 5, 2001, and came into force on October 1, 200111. The correspondence of the Competition Act to the main principles of the Community competition

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